14 Day Wearable Heart Monitor

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    Test Time
    30 minutes

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14 day Holter (Zio patch)

Zio XT is a small, wearable heart monitor that can continuously record your every heartbeat up to 14 days as you go about your daily life. This approach to heart monitoring makes it easier for both you and your doctor to gather the right information and determine if you have an irregular heart rhythm or “arrhythmia.”

How much time will it take to be fitted with Zio patch?

Please expect to be at London Heart Centre for 30 minutes to be fitted with a Zio patch.

What can I expect during my Zio experience?

The Zio monitor was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. There are no wires to manage or batteries to maintain. Once the monitor is applied to your chest by our cardiac physiologist, it should remain there for the entire prescribed period. Please do not try to adjust or remove it before the end of your monitoring period.

Tips while wearing Zio patch

Avoid showering during the first 24 hrs of wearing the path.

Press the button on the console when you feel a symptom.

Avoid excessive sweating to maximise wear time.

Do not submerge the patch.

Take brief showers with your back facing the shower head.

Keep lotions away from the patch.

Return the patch and button press log in provided box.

What are the risks from the test?

There are no known risks from the test. Some patients are sensitive to the adhesive, but no serious allergic reactions are known. If you have redness/itching or are uncertain please remove the device and contact us.

What should I do if the Zio patch falls off?

Please contact London Heart Centre.

What happens after the test?

The recordings will be submitted to our Cardiologist who is a specially-trained physician in reading these recordings. He or she will interpret the recordings and will then provide your physician with a written report.


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